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Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art

"The joy of art is the zest for embodiment.
The joy of forms found.”
M. Voloshin

Centre of Modern Applied Arts

Gallery_925х166.jpg Ever since it was established, the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory has always been a unique enterprise enjoying the perfect combination of earthly utility and lofty creativity, a symbiosis of manufacture and high art.

The Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art was opened on 21 May 2004 with support of the State Hermitage Museum. It is a unique exhibition area designed to display the ultimate masterpieces of contemporary porcelain painters in an effort to promote arts and refine the aesthetic beauty of our customers.

It arranges exhibitions, accepts orders for unique author’s works and replicas, conducts porcelain painting workshops and organizes manufactory tours.

The Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art is a window to the universe of Imperial Porcelain and its visitors have a chance to witness the emerging trends in the applied arts. The collective exhibitions of IPM painters are a kaleidoscope of various artistic worlds and paradigms, techniques and movements united by a common theme. The most stunning examples are such exhibitions as Russian Teatime, White Gold, Porcelain Flowers, Meeting Midnight Sun or Art of Reflection, dedicated to the Russian and St. Petersburg theatre life and organized by the IPM in cooperation with Vita Nova publishing company.

To remain in the avant-garde of modern art, the Gallery engages various authors: e.g., Eva Tsayzel, Mikhail Shemyakin, Leonid Borisov, Vladimir Golubev, Nikos Safronov, Zurab Tsereteli, just to name a few. A total of 52 Moscow and St. Petersburg artists took part in the Porcelain Academy, a joint artistic initiative of the IPM and the State Hermitage Museum launched in 2004. It spilled over into the namesake exhibition in the Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art. The Gallery still implements such creative pilots by inviting talented Russian and foreign artists to enrich the art of porcelain with fresh ideas and out-of-box approaches.

Solo Exhibitions of IPM Painters

Exhibitions_925х186.jpg The Journey to Porcelain Land exhibition of Galina Shulyak, an Honoured Artist of Russia, opened a series of solo shows in 2004 to provide insight into the artwork by outstanding IPM painters. The exhibition featured about two hundred works created by Ms. Shulyak for three decades she worked at the IPM, including Memories of Greece composition, Russian Avant-garde decorative dish, series of Easter eggs depicting the revered saints of Russia, Cobalt Net tableware and unique Butterflies collection of decorative plates painted using the rare materials from the IPM library.

The Ark exhibition of another Russian honoured artist Tatyana Afanasyeva took place in December 2006. Its centrepiece consisted of widely renowned art pieces, including Mansard, Hyperbola, Mirror Shatters, Oil and Ark tableware and Silence, Birth of Worlds, Megalopolis, Over St. Petersburg Roofs and Atlantis series of decorative plates and dishes.

The Polyphony exhibition of the leading IPM painter Sergey Sokolov opened in the Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art in December 2008. The polyphony of his works was made up of a wide range of melodies varying from the divine voice of angel hovering over the city and the meadow grass tinkling during the sultry summer day to the Moulin Rouge cancan with its erotic dancers and martial tom-tom sound evoked by African totem masks.

The Sources exhibition of Russian honoured artist Nelli Petrova was inaugurated in the Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art in 2010. Working on the decorative dishes, plates, panels and vases embodying the warmest and brightest memories of childhood, the artist went back to sources – the roots of Russian nationality, the warmth and comfort of village life. Another interesting highlight of exhibition is a series of portraits. The sophisticated underglaze painting technique was used to capture the images of contemporaries, including M. Piotrovsky, Director of the State Hermitage Museum (Guardian dish), the artist’s colleagues, famous designer T. Kotegova (Patrician Woman panel), etc.

Christmas and Easter Exhibitions

Major supplier of the imperial court, the IPM has prepared Christmas and Easter gifts for the royal family and its train for a century and a half. Keeping this tradition alive, the Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art invites visitors to annual Christmas and Easter exhibitions featuring the works by the best masters of renowned manufactory, including Christmas and Easter porcelain sets, peculiar Christmas tree ornaments, porcelain eggs, souvenirs and traditional gift cups.

Commemorating Old Masters...

The continuity of traditions is a foundation of world art which resembles a pyramid with a solid basement and a peak. This is illustrated by Renaissance artists who reached the higher heights than their masters. With that in mind, great emphasis is placed on the exhibitions of old masters, prominent artists of the 20th century. For example, the shows were organized in March 2006 and July-August 2010 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of A.V. Vorobyevsky, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation and Repin State Prize winner, and S.E. Yakovleva, respectively.

Discovering New Talents...

The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory has been cooperating with the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design for over a century. The world fame of St. Petersburg porcelain rests on many graduates of the former Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design. Taking part in the exhibitions arranged in the Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art, the students and graduates can make a name for themselves, materializing their ingenious ideas. Moreover, the bravery of young authors often leads to discoveries: beginning artists are not afraid of tripping and falling. Instead, they fly boldly over any abysses, creating surprising and audacious works.

The major exhibition centre of modern applied arts in St. Petersburg, the Gallery carries out extensive exhibition activity (up to 5-6 exhibitions every year) and cooperates with a number of local and foreign artists, museums and galleries. Another important area of focus is raising public awareness through lectures on porcelain history, guided tours and workshops for students of higher and secondary education institutions.

The Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art is a crossroad of local and foreign art, education, policy and sport community. The Gallery was visited by the King and the Queen of Malaysia, the Princes of Saxony and Prussia, Lora Bush, the Queen of Saudi Arabia, and such celebrities as Mireille Mathieu, Elena Obraztsova, Dmitry Maslikov, Edita Pyekha, Andrey Makarevich, Irina Allegrova, Andrey Urgant, Tatyana Parfenova, etc.


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Nowadays the "Imperial Porcelain Manufactory" produces about 4,000 types of products in a wide range:
from tea, coffee and dinner sets, genre and animal sculptures, decorative plates to banquet sets of presidential level, gifts to government officials and the heads of foreign states, prizes for major competitions and festivals. They are made of solid and bone china.
  Products are decorated in overglaze and underglaze painting, frequently using the rare and precious metals. The manufactory produces replicas of the museum's collection of XVIII-XX centuries, company tableware with a logo or monogram of the customer for special orders.
  For decades the set «Cobalt net» (S. E. Yakovleva, A. A. Yatskevich), hallmark of the manufactory, is in the great demand. It was awarded a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Brussels.
  Products labeled «ЛФЗ» (introduced in 1936) are exported to highly developed countries all over the world: USA, Germany, France, England, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Japan and others.

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